Journal of Identity and Migration Studies
Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues, University of Oradea, Romania
ISSN 1843 – 5610


European and National Migration Policy in the Shadow of Populism through the Lens of Administrative Measures: Germany and Italy Compared between 2015-2019, Réka FRIEDERY and Andrea CRESCENZI

Exploring Migration Profiles of Professional Hispano-Americans in Japan, China, and South Korea: Socio-Structural Tensions in Hispano-America and Aspirations in East Asia, Marcelo Alejandro PIFFAUT GÁLVEZ

Refugee Mental Health during the Asylum Waiting Process: A Qualitative Study of Turkish and Canadian Contexts, Sanam VAGHEFI

Between Two Worlds: The Role of Bilingual Call Centers in Navigating Post-Deportation Identity among Mexican Returnees, Carlos S. IBARRA, Rodolfo Cruz PIÑEIRO and Arturo Fabián JIMÉNEZ

Leveraging Open-Source Development Value to Increase Freedom of Movement of Highly Qualified Personnel, Jun-Yu QIAN and Joshua M. PEARCE

Sustainable Support for the Refugees: Approaching the Refuge as a Process in Seven Stages, Irina POP


On Citizening: Performing Citizenship as a Practical Form of Kinship, Javier TOSCANO

BOOK REVIEWS. PAGEREF _Toc134182076 h 118

Michelle Castaneda, Disappearing Rooms. The Hidden Theatres of Immigration Law, Durham: Duke University Press, 2023. ISBN 9781478024262 (ebook), ISBN 9781478016991 (hardcover), Review by Dan APĂTEANU


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